We are 'So Glad You Made It...' Here's to you becoming apart of something very special...

Gratefully Medicated, Inc. a company that reads like the words are sung & written, beautifully; encourages positive mindset and alternative assistance through people who actually care about others, and want the best for them. This is just a start, but feel free to contact us anytime regarding sessions, care, or information. We protect our clients to the fullest. Anonymity is something that we take very seriously.

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DISCLAIMER: We are an extremely busy service. We won't send anything that doesn't fit your lifestyle or interests, we cater solely and believe in one on one development for mental wellness & enhancement. Certified, licensed, holistic care giver on site at all times.


LINKEDIN: Gratefully Medicated, Inc.

INSTAGRAM: @gratefully.medicated

EMAIL: info@gratefullymedicatedinc.com

PHONE: (732) 378- 9493

Please no text messages, if you dont get a response immediately, someone will get back to you within the same day. We are available anytime 7 days a week 365 days a year.

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A brief history, Gratefully Medicated, Inc. was created by two professionals in 2019. One being corporate, and the other in merchandising and branding. The initial reason we started this was not because of the pandemic, it was because we both really believed in a cause, legalization, decriminalization, and plant medicine which includes cannabis, supplements, lifestyle changes, and other tangible attributes. Gratefully Medicated, Inc shot to success in 2019 when New Jersey decided to legalize cannabis. Every vote counted. That being said, besides our beliefs, it was the best way we could think of to pay homage to our love for The Grateful Dead. With high hopes of still having one final interaction of a group that literally changed our lives. Jerry, Bobby, Mickey, Billy & Phil, as well as John Mayer with Dead and Company. When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, it was time to bring out this beautiful logo and get to work. Licensed, Trademarked, and APPROVED by the Dead, we strive to do things properly, effectively, and in the kindest way possible.

Some things to know before you reach out:

  1. We are a group of very small business owners, unconcerned with social media and "what others think", we do things our way, and that is why we are so special.
  2. The brand director is currently finishing her secondary certifications which will allow her to introduce and participate in new ways of therapy as well as assisted treatment.
  3. Nothing is for sale, and everything that occurs between us and the client is completely anonymous as well as confidential.
  4. You will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement as well as intake forms in order to participate with us, if that is an issue feel free to sign up to our mailing list and when you are ready to come join us, you are welcome.
  5. There is no judgement. Whatever it is you are battling or wanting to do to enhance and progress your life we usually can make it happen. Getting to know each other is a top priority prior to any treatments.
  6. Always be kind to us, as well as other clients if you have interactions with them. Nothing else will be tolerated.
  7. Our programs run forever, so when you decide to come join us, there is a one time payment due and you are a part of Gratefully Medicated Inc for life. Down, Up, Wherever, you will always be with us and cared for.
  8. You don't have to be a deadhead to request service. You just need to be human and respectful.
  9. We practice out of our little beach bungalow, please be respectful when entering our safe space, we would do the same for you.

I am looking forward to hearing and speaking with all of you!

-Travel Options, priced accordingly, are available for those that sign up for telehealth. If you need us, we will be there.

-Crisis and immediate intervention is available, within 24 hours.

Organizations that we Work With:

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Causes we Fight For:

The two people that sadly are not here today to see how far their work has come, we will continue for you. Click picture for information on Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin & Ann Shulgin


Every signature counts, click the picture for Ross's story and how he made history and is now being wrongfully imprisoned.

So many organizations and causes have worked with us since 2019 when we started. We appreciate all of you and hope that you trust us to know what we are doing is safe, reliable, and with only your best intentions.